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[Verse 1]
I work hard for this
I was born for this
I won’t ever quit
I gotta get it
This is a battlefield and I won’t ever go down
Man, through the ups and downs but look at me now
I gotta travel the world and visit every single city for sure
I need satisfaction
This is straight, no fiction
I gotta do what I do
To make this compensation
Are you down for the ride?
I need what I want
Money and some whips and
Bitch and big profit
I’m tryna see all of it

GOALS, goals
Finesse what you got
GOALS, goals
Slay with you
GOALS, goals
Ride or die with you
Slay with you
Rock the world with ya
They’ll remember ya
I’m countin’ commas with you
Ride or dyin’ with you
Need mama shuttle by my own
[Verse 2]
One time for my dreamers
Two time for believers
Mama ain’t raise no sucker
I gotta do what I gotta do, I prosper
My vision goin’ blurry
I’m goin’ blind from all this fuck weed
All I have on my mind is my money
No decline
I’m tryna make it up to
Move a M pack if I could
Even told my mama that I would
I got goals nigga