Lloyd Banks – Repetition (Halloween Havoc 3 Mixtape)

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[Verse 1: Lloyd Banks]
Yeah, money knocks from block ties, in the slums I’m favorite, going over dumb heads, top five is an understatement

Antagonized to the animal out, no one can tame it, whatever I don’t live long enough to fix, my son will change it

Murdered every club you name it, toast, flipped it and rearranged it, married hustlers still celebrate the engagement

God’s laughing at plans, won’t take for granted the second hand, you wouldn’t understand, your yacht-master never left the land

Take care your fam, we eat wit em’, see you no lesser man, no love for the weak side, dropping Fritos and extras, damn

That disrespect shit don’t fly, G-code we check the land, the profit that will be made will comply, C- notes protect the plan

Soldiers with the same goal, poverty help connect the clan, all in the evil’s landfill, find a key and ?

There’s madness to my method, yo’ ass is gon’ respect it, hit the masses, tip the record, they’ll be running out of gas any second

[Chorus: Lloyd Banks]
Same problems, different day, feels like the clocks working against a nigga, ain’t no time to drift away

Toys will make the bitches play, I switch my shit up for nobody, doubters always going to have shit to say

Another K, another hommy, I think I had an outer body, this the illest shit you ever seen

If you dumb enough to try me, I put them numbers on you, you be having a forever dream

[Verse 2: Lloyd Banks]
Niggas got my name all in the talks again, you know we buzzing. Anything I ever did, I want it too, you owe me nothing

Gotta watch for enemies, top of the police dumping niggas that claimed to have my back then, confidence told me fuck em’

Very southern scene in the mix, then we got the 30 with us, hung on me for so long, what a feeling to curve these bitches

Kick my habits, I’m clear-minded, no blurry business, haters see me up again, tears dropping with Curry quickness

Part of my stance, I been pissing champs, jeweler got my wrist advanced, preachers no chance, help the consistent camp

I made a way for these niggas, peep my commission dance, I watched destiny slip through hands, genius will notice

My simple fans, pictures flipping, don’t care for the politics they watch, funny how years ago Trump was giving me mixtape drops

Little crosses in the big face watch, pray to God I lift they stocks, beggars around in the event that this shit may pop

[Chorus: Lloyd Banks]