Kano – Dun Know The Myspace Lyrics

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It’s K-A, check, check, check it out

[Verse 1]
Listen, yeah, yeah, you dun know the Myspace
I’m a vet MC niggas can’t violate
I’m two albums deep already
And how ever many singles under my name
Yeah, yeah, you dun know the my K
Fire for no reason, I’m nice
Can’t stop me like a Hummer in drive
Gone like I’m roadrunner in spikes
Yeah, yeah put me in the right lane
I’ll still breeze on a beat with a bang
I might perform my beats with a band
There ain’t no MC deeper than man
Hot like the bottom of the pan
And I’m still totalling on like twang


Man, look at my Myspace, my fanbase is swollen like clams
With old school fans and new school fans
I got UK fans and Europe fans
I got older fans and younger fans
And you dun know I’m repping for my Myspace fam

[Verse 2]

Yeah, yeah you dun know the vibe ain’t right in a rave on stage if I ain’t
On it with DJ Medonit, excitement levels we go beyond it
Enrol my shows like college, I show you how to do this son
Come like dumb, leave like a boffin
Cause I’m a teacher like KRS-One, one

Haha, I’m just having fun
Know why? Cause I’m MC number 1
Mc number 1
Yeah I know I didn’t finish that verse but I don’t give a shit
I wrote that shit whilst Mikey was beefing on the phone with his chick
HAHA! It’s K-A, It’s K-A