Francis and the Lights ft. Kanye West – My City’s Gone Lyrics

(Verse 1)
They boarded up my favorite bar
The Frenchman lost his restaurant
And the secret alleys were rearranged
I woke one day and it had changed

My city’s gone
My city’s gone
I lost another one

(Verse 2)
On forty-three, my heart once beat
On forty-five, I came alive
And there was a spirit, so young and free
It spoke to you, it spoke to me

(Chorus – Kanye West)
My city’s gone, my city, oh oh)
Oh no, my city’s gone, my city’s gone)
I lost another one

(Verse 3)
I met a man who coughed and swore
That it had been changing since it was born
That it was I and nothing more
From twenty three to thirty-four

My city’s gone
My city’s gone
And I have to go
My city’s gone

I still found me back in the mall
I will not decline
Still feeling lost and nothing more
I feel lost in time
Does anybody happen to know, happen to know
Way after I’m
Still feeling lost and manageable
I say nothing’s right
Tell it all from the heart
I’m sitting out at the bar
Tell it all that I’m making my way