Damian Lillard – Growth Spurt letras

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The wait is over
Look, look, look

My first encounter with adversity, was somewhat an emergency
I fell off the path and my mental, it needed surgery
The more I stumbled off the more my actions started irking me
I got it together and the top looked like my turf to be
They think money rules I’m rich and I’m done with school
My problems still exist so don’t listen to none them fools
For currency they runnin they lives into paid in full
I took a task and made it cash now my path done became cool
My life came full circle at the park was throwing left hooks
Now I’m in the league with Steph Curry and Russell Westbrook
Took a couple bumps boy you never would see my chest shook
My heart came from a lion this path only the best took
I wanna check the critics cause all they things they nitpick
They always seem to skip where he started his ascension
Like reciprocity but that ain’t what they give him
I did it from the jump but you stumble, they pay attention
Aware of my surroundings at all time, a wall fly
I spot a coward a mile off, no small mind
Put that pressure all on my shoulders, return with Hulk’s spine
A hot head when they rain on my parade, let my thoughts dry
Experience in my life prepared me for the high life
All the times I struggled just prepared me for the highlights
Used to circle shoes in East Bay, now mine on fly sites
And we can toast to that, my circle sharin’ in Mai Tai
My dad been kickin’ game since I was young, I’ve been a sponge bro
100 wads in my pocket, covered by the ones though
Never flex my muscles, don’t welcome me to the gun show
Never show it’s done, just take care of who it’s done for, huh
The dream free, but the hustle, sold separately
Been knew I was only as solid as who was next to me
My cousins, my few good friends, the rest are x to me
Cause bad crowd is only a recipe for rest in peace
I stand out cause I’m a soldier in a sucker’s game
That paparazzi tryna shine me boy, I’m duckin’ fame
Some dudes call and set it up, and boy that’s such a shame
The only time I really stunt is in my stunner frames
I love my life from the good to the bad
Feel good to live with riches when comin’ from rags
I paint a picture boy, just give me that pen and that pad
City in pieces, motivatin’ the kids with the scrabs, gone